Saturday, 14 January 2012

DIY: symmetrical painted shirt

top to bottom, left to right:
Balmain, Prabal Gurung, Parabal Gurung, Prada.

Symmetrical prints featuring organic forms have been adorning the runway for a few years now with the more recent appearances by Givenchy, Balmain, Prabal Gurung-(drooool), and Prada. I decided to spruce up a plain old men's shirt that I had been waiting for a DIY. I couldn't print so decided to try painting the patterns directly onto the shirt.

Start with your plain white shirt, lay it out on a  flat surface covered in newspaper. I put a few layer of newspaper inside the shirt under thye top layer so that the paint wouldn't soak through to the back.

Grab an aerosol spray can of acrylic paint and spray starting heavily from the bottom and gradually getting lighter to get and ombre effect.

Do the same ombre affect on the ends of the sleeves.

Use a piece of chalk to design your pattern.
I started using curve templates but I ended up dropping them and doing the rest freehand

When you're happy with your design, use a stiff paint brush to dust away the chalk so you can only see a faint chalk line.

Start filling in the lines with any acrylic or fabric paint you like.

Use a thinner brush to outline and add detail in a contrasting coloured paint.

Add details and highlights in different colours till you're happy with the result.


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  1. wow i cant believe you did it free hand afterwards it looks awesome!!!