Tuesday, 21 June 2011

DIY: Alexander Wang inspired boots

The Inspiration: Alexander Wang boots

When I first saw these boots I thought it was a zipper lining the top. But when I looked closely I saw it was a chain. I thought it would be an easy DIY to add a zipper to some shoes so thought I'd give it a go.
What you need:
  • old boots
  • scissors
  • 2X 20cm long exposed zips with silver metal zippers
  • Contact glue
  • white pencil or chalk for marking
  • Clamps
  • Optional: needle and thread

  1. Using the white pencil or chalk, mark out where you want to cut on the boot.

  2. Crop where marked, cutting through any zippers making sure they're zipped up first.

  3. cut the top of the zippers that join the two pieces together and separate the zippers like so:

  4. Glue along the zipper under the teeth and line up and press onto the inside of the shoe letting the zippers teeth stick out and show. use clamps as you go along to help keep everything in place. I used one zipper line around the ankle part of the boots and another line for the tongue in the front.

5.   You would need to fold the inside of the zipper like so to get around the corners:

You can stitch everything after it's been glued for some extra reinforment but contact glue is fairly strong.

And the finished product!

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